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[ESX] Garage UI - E

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MSK Garage UI - Garagesystem & Impound with UI

If you want to see the config first, look at our cfx post.

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You can add your own Vehicle Key Script in server_vehiclekeys.lua , but I can only give support for the Scripts that I’ve mentioned below at Optional Requirements ! 

  • Set as many Garages and Impounds as you want
  • You can use Custom License plates like “CUSTOM”
  • You can park in and park out a vehicle if you have a Key [VehicleKeyChain required] [You can set it to false in config]
  • At the Impound you can set a Waypoint to your vehicle or you can transfer it to the Impound [AdvancedParking required]
  • Set your own Notifications
  • Set NPCs or Markers with 3D Text
  • Support for okokTextUI and esx_textUI
  • Set if you want park out vehicles where you parked it in or if you want to park out vehicles everywhere
  • Set your own Fuel System [default: LegacyFuel]
  • Set Jobs and Grades who can access the Garage or Impound
  • Set if its a car, boat or air Garage [default: all Categories]
  • You can set as many parkout Spots as you want
  • Set the Blip you want or deactivate the Blip
  • You can set a vehicle as Favourite
  • You can rename the vehicle name

Optional Requirements

AdvancedParking and VehicleKeyChain is optional but AdvancedParking is recommended!


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