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MSK Handcuffs - E

yesESX Legacy 1.9.2 and above
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MSK Handcuffs - Realistic Handcuffs with Animations and Props

If you want to see the config first, look at our cfx post.

YouTube Preview


  • Cuff and Uncuff Players with Animations and Props
  • Hardcuff a Player (Player can't move)
  • Drag and Undrag Player
  • Put Player in/out vehicle
  • AnkleTracker
  • Headbag
  • Cuff, uncuff, etc. players with items
  • Timer for uncuff players automatically
  • Admin commands
  • Cuff Status will be saved to database and restored after relog
  • Example to implement this in esx_policejob [Read the Documentation]
  • Discord Logs
  • All data will be saved in a database.json file in msk_handcuffs folder



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