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[ESX] Banking - E

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[ESX] Banking - E

yesESX Legacy 1.9.2 and above
yesCompletely Encrypted

MSK Banking - Advanced Bankingsystem with NativeUI

If you want to see the config first, look at our cfx post.

Youtube Video Preview


  • Create your first main account
  • Create a second account
  • Create society accounts (integrated System or Addon_Account) [in config.lua]

  • Invoices
  • Investment
  • Transactionshistory

  • Animation at the ATMs [setatm models in config.lua]
  • Deposit, Withdraw and Transfer money
  • Transfer money via Accountnumber not via PlayerID [offline Transfer]
  • NPCs or Marker at the Bank [toggleable in config.lua]
  • Bankcard item needed to access a ATM [buyable at the Bank]
  • Set different locations for a Bank with a few options [look at the config.lua]
  • You can set the ranks that have access to the society account [in config.lua]

  • Set the Notification you want to use
  • Set Custom Banner for the NativeUI Menu
  • Discord Logs [deposit, withdraw, transfer, create or delete account, change accountnumber]

Optional Requirements

  • esx_addonaccount
  • esx_billing
  • myBilling
  • okokBilling


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