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[ESX] Banking - E

19.99 EUR

[ESX] Garage UI - E

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PAID - Open Client


In diesen Paketen ist nur serverside verschl├╝sselt, clientside ist der Code offen sodass z.b. das NativeUI, etc. bearbeitet werden kann.

Falls du bereits die Verschl├╝sselte Version hast, kannst du dir im Discord Support einen Coupon abholen.


In these packages only serverside is encrypted, clientside code is open so that e.g. the NativeUI, etc. can be edited.

If you already bought the encrypted version, you can get a coupon at our discord support.

[ESX] Banking - OC

29.99 EUR

yesESX Legacy 1.9.2 and above
yesOnly serverside is encrypted

[ESX] Handcuffs - OC

5.99 EUR

yesESX Legacy
yesOnly serverside is encrypted